What Drives Us?

We, at Techvik, aim at providing a platform to young writers, marketers, and graphic designers and help harness their talent. The passion that drives these young dreamers and the hope of creating something worth remembering is what drives us. The opportunity of meeting new people and exploring the horizon of technological knowledge helps us keep the fire burning and inspires us to put our best content forward.

We have undergraduate and graduate students from Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Cornell, Harvard, Dartmouth, Brown, TU Munich, Georgia Tech, UIUC, UC San Diego, HKU, and ASU working with us!



GirlTechBoss is an official 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that aims to empower middle school through high school-aged girls to pursue entrepreneurship in the STEM field by providing them with resources and support from the existing community.

Co-Founders, Melanie Herbert, and Molly Cantillon wanted to create an easily accessible platform for girls to learn about and connect with women in business and STEM. In order to create this platform, GTB currently provides online resources and interviews with women in STEM and business.

 Our common cause for STEM brings us together, and together we will empower the women in STEM and STEM with it.

Our Journey

"Keeping calm and quiet is not necessarily pushing the world forward. And here comes the opposite attitude. Technology brings excitement, helps look into the future, and makes us brave enough to try to shape it."

Techvik is a nonprofit student-led initiative founded by Satvik Tripathi which provides a platform to the intellectual minds who have enthusiasm in technology and wants to share their ideas and knowledge.


All blogs uploaded at Techvik, are wisely selected keeping in mind the magnitude and possible impacts of our words. Those who dive deep are the ones to discover precious pearls. Our writers consider it imperative to not only test the authenticity of the technology they are suggesting, but also feel the need to present before you the best of the pearls you can find in the ocean of knowledge.

 The world is occupied with problems like poverty, climatic change, and production of exaggerated information regarding something as precious as technology is not what we want to deal with presently. Technology is the rising sun of the century, and Techvik is one of the million beams of light lightening the lives of people.