Is technology good for you?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Written by - Zoya Khan

“Technology is technology. Technology doesn’t have a, it is not good or bad. Technologies are tools.”

Today’s world is crammed with technology. Almost everyone owns a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or at least a television. All these make our lives easier. Technology rules the world nowadays. We cannot live without technology. Even though it was originally created to serve humanity, with the passage of time, digital devices have also revealed their harmful impact on our lives. Many studies have come shown that our physical, social, and mental health suffers because of excessive exposure to technology.

The vast use of technology is likely to result in poor social skills. Business meetings are held over Skype and kids chat on the messenger rather than calling their granny or meeting a friend in person. Technology adversely affected society and has caused it to break the bonds it pledged to serve.On the face of it, technology appears to create a global network that brings people together. But in fact, this replaces real-life communication and ends in social isolation. Moreover, strong social bonds are replaced with a number of shallow “friends” found in social networks.

As a result, people might feel lonely and depressed. We’ve got into the habit of living in our own world and staring at the screen even when surrounded by people. When we replace real-life interaction with online communication, we lose the ability to read social cues. On top of it, violent games and videos kill empathy and bring destruction into an individual’s life. A study has shown that the increased number of violent videos and games has caused an increase in the amount of aggression in children. Chronic exposure to violent video games is not only associated with lower empathy but emotional callousness as well.

While there is no denying the fact that technology has changed modern life for better, at the same time, negative effects of the same cannot be ignored. The increasing use of technology is adding to the unnecessary stress and hassle to one's life. Social media is a platform that represents the freedom of speech, but like any other double-edged sword, it too is destroying lives along with benefiting the society. An increasing number of people are struggling with sleeping disorders, restlessness, anxiety, depression, etc due to and body shaming that takes place over the internet.

To negate these effects, it is essential to make some changes in the lifestyle immediately for a healthy and stress-free living.

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