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Melanie Herbert

Co-founder GirlTechBoss

Techvik is an incredible international initiative that brings together students from all across the world who hold passions of writing and technology. In the process, fascinating scientific based articles surrounding the topic of current technological advancements are produced.
It has been great working and partnering with Techvik for the past few months and I am eager to see what they continue to do through their platform.

Ross Alexander

MS, Stanford University

Techvik provides opportunities for eager learners to broaden their horizons through great science and technology content. The diverse team of writers publishes articles spanning topics from entrepreneurship to artificial intelligence and emerging technologies everywhere in between.

A quick dive into any article offers clear insights for readers of all backgrounds.

Anoushka Kabra

Freshmen, Cornell University

Being an avid reader and a technophile, I have always been looking for online resources to expand my knowledge (this meant scouring the internet for hours). Techvik was one of the blogs which I found pretty unique and interesting as the writers were from different countries, thereby portraying different perspectives about technological advancements.

Techvik itself acts as an amalgamation of information about innovation and technology.

Clay Papanek

Sophomore, Dartmouth College

I love the motive behind Techvik. I've been following it for almost half a year and my respect for it grows everyday. The subjects they cover and the quality of the content is brilliant. The posts are always insightful and give an in-depth view of arduous technical topics, perfect for every inquisitive layman. They have a great vision and an amazing team to effectively execute it.

Satvik really deserves appreciation for the hard work he has done.